Here on “IN DIS LIFES LANE” you can be the greatest artist and show the world how amazing you truly are. In this life there is no one like you. You are a unique individual with your own set of traits and style. What you as an artist creates, can only be done by you. This is your life! And, your art, IS your lane! Share it with the world. Let your imagination run wild and your talent guide the way. Once you create a free profile on IDL LANES you can:

  • Compete in our competitions or just upload a video: Share content with the world
  • Automatically get a personal webpage: Use it to display your talent, link your Social medias. A webpage built to help get the exposure you need.
  • Network or create groups: Where you can discuss projects and plan your next moves.
  • Personal bookings: Coming soon. Display dates where and when you can be booked to attend events or give  classes. Generate revenue by getting paid for your time.
  • Sell instructional videos: Coming soon. Sell videos that stream to your audience. You determine the price.
  • Live Broadcast your events: Coming soon. Stream live events to world. Make it a PayPer-View or free to watch. All events will be archived under your profile as your content.